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On the road - The Hygge Bus Tour has begun

On the road - The Hygge Bus Tour has begun

On July 10th, we said goodbye to Amsterdam and climbed into the Hygge Bus for the European Summer Tour, a 3-month road-trip we've been dreaming about and preparing for for months on end. We set off with the mission to drive South, towards the sunshine; our tentative route: Southern Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Spain & Italy… that is, if the Blitz decides to cooperate of course. ;) 

After thorough maintenance on the ol' 1971 Opel Blitz, inside & out, we hope that she'll keep running and looking pretty long enough for us to experience the trip of a lifetime and return home in September. 

With our poffertjes pan and general store in tow, we dream of bringing hygge moments to the people we encounter along the way in the form of yummy poffertjes (mini dutch pancakes) and our travelling general store full of beautiful & fun things! Turkish beach towels, Ring Pops, candy necklaces, squirting sharks and flying frogs, just to name a few. 


Now that the tour has begun, we will be writing blogs and posting updates on Facebook & Instagram (@hyggelife) as often as we can. 

See you on the road!