Poffertjes - Mini Dutch Pancakes

We've gotten to know this Dutch delicacy pretty well by now. Puffy mini morsels of pancake, usually served in a row of 10 and traditionally topped with butter and a healthy sprinkle of powdered sugar. Oh, lekker (yummy) poffertjes… what would the world be without you?! 

Since everyone loves poffertjes, and we need a source of income to keep us going on our 3 month Euro tour, we thought it would be a good idea to turn the Hygge Bus into a part-time food truck/general store. 


We began by tasting poffertjes all over Holland; at festivals, markets, and other foodie events. In some cases, we even ordered them without the butter & powdered sugar… talk about self control! Once we had a good idea of what we were going for, we started creating our own recipes and testing them on a mini poffertjes pan. We quickly realized that we needed a professional poffertjes pan, a hot one with many 'dops' (divots). We searched and searched for several months and finally bought a 100 'dop' cast-iron pan from a previous poffertjes stand owner, who even shared his 'secret' recipe with us. 


Although, we appreciated the tips, we already created a recipe of our own. If you didn't already know, every poffertjes stand owner in the Netherlands has his own 'secret' recipe, so naturally we had to have one as well.


Not only do we have the best recipe in town, at least we think so, we also add yummy toppings to make them extra delicious. Butter and powdered sugar goes without saying, but the fresh strawberries & whipped cream, dark chocolate flakes, cinnamon-sugar, rainbow sprinkles, and lemon curd add something special, uncommon throughout the Dutch poffertjes circuit.

We hosted our first event on our street sidewalk and shared poffertjes with our family and friends while watching the Netherlands take on Spain, the first World Cup game. It was a night full of hyggeand luckily, everyone LOVED the poffertjes! 


We can finally declare that the Hygge Bus is not only our summer home but a traveling poffertjes stand! 

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