A hygge home is not about perfection—it’s about creating a space that engages your senses and fosters a sense of intimacy and warmth. We believe that, properly curated, your surroundings have the ability to not only inspire this sense of comfort, but also to cultivate the moments you appreciate most.

Our Interior Styling team will guide you through the process of selecting quality furniture, lighting and decor that serves the practical function of your space while feeding your soul. Together, our goal is to create a timeless aesthetic that you can not only enjoy throughout your lifetime, but that will continue to serve generations to come.

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Hygge Styling Principles



A thoughtfully designed space or piece of furniture stands the test of time and will be appreciated for generations. The products we source are not only beautiful, but also functional, and are made to last a lifetime.



We carefully source furniture, lighting and accessories designed by skilled craftsmen who value quality materials and construction. Much like slow fashion or slow food, we believe that slow furniture is the new way forward—and that each piece is worth the wait.



Emotions and feelings take center stage as we design for the senses—how does a space feel, smell, and sound? In turn, we are able to design spaces that not only meet basic human needs, but also feed the soul.



Lighting is a key component of hygge design, whether provided by a sconce, candlelight or the glow of a fireplace. We use light to set the mood and define your vision for a specific space.


Design for Moments

Our surroundings can shape the way we relax, awaken and gather. Our intentional styling process helps set the stage for the moments you appreciate the most.


Natural Materials

There is an inherent human connection to the natural world, whose effortless beauty and functional design center us in the present moment. We believe in bringing the outside in with natural materials that age with grace, such as wood, leather and stone.

How Our Interior Styling Process Works

+ From a single room to an entire home, our Interior Stylists can help you select materials, decor and furniture to set the stage for meaningful moments.

+ The first step is to schedule a free 30 minute consultation with an Interior Stylist—either in our Vail showroom or via Zoom. We will discuss the project scope and establish whether we are the right team for your needs. Pro tip: Bring photos of your space to guide the conversation!

+ After the initial consultation, we will provide a project quote, moodboard and timeline for your approval. Once a contract is signed, the project will begin!

+ An extra bonus: All interior styling clients receive special discounts on products sold in our store and online shop.

+ Ready to get started? Email us to schedule your consultation!