At Hygge Life, we have been on our own hygge journey for the past few years...

The concept was non-existent to us before we crossed paths with the Danish culture and began to explore what hygge could really mean. It’s an adjective (hyggelig) and a feeling, but also a way to live life- pursuing only the things and people that make you really appreciate the moments that make up your life

There are many facets of hygge that will resonate differently with each individual. It could be a moment by a bonfire with old friends and sweet wine, or sitting safe and warm with a cozy cup of cocoa while candles flicker and winter weather swirls outside. Maybe getting on your bike on that first warm night of summer, smelling the fresh earth in the air as you ride to meet for a beer on a terrace- but when your heart swells with the general perfection of your world at that particular moment, you are hygge.

It is not about decorating your home to perfection, but instead about finding things that speak to you, inspire you, remind you of wonderful moments and that you can share with all the people you love in your life.

Hygge is the pursuance, recognition and enjoyment of the small joys in life. The things that make you sigh contentedly and feel that out of all the places in the world, all the hours of the day, all the company you could be keeping…you are in the one perfect spot.

Salute! Alexandra & Koen 



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