Stories by the Fire - a Hygge Dinner

On March 3rd, we gathered around the table in our showroom for a very special Hygge Dinner. Louise Varre, the founder of Eldvarm was visiting from Paris and her beautifully designed Emma Lanterns and new brass Lucie Candleholders lit up the table with a warm glow. Throughout the dinner, Louise spoke to us about the history and importance of fire and its influence on human survival, growth and connection. I speak for everyone at the table, that we were all moved by her words and life slowed down for a moment. We felt what she so eloquently expressed... "for me, lighting a candle or a fire has the effect of lowering the sound of life, and if I am lucky, it may even slow it down for a moment."


The table was set with mismatched blue and white vintage plates, linen napkins and simple Spanish wineglasses and sheepskins were draped over every chair. Ethereal florals adorned the tables sprouting from Eldvarm Emma Lanterns, and firewood elegantly floated overhead. The table was intentionally set and designed to reflect the feeling of gathering around the fire - an act we have been partaking in since the beginning of humankind.


The Forage Sisters cooked 4 courses over the flame and each was accompanied with a delicious wine pairing. The menu was served family style to encourage connection and conversation. It was lovely to see platters passed and smiles exchanged as everyone excitedly anticipated tasting each delicious course. 

The Menu

Charred bread, herbed pea smash, soft cheese, roasted garlic, chimmichurri and micro-greens

House toasted bread board, tapenade, red chimichurri, tomato jam and garlic oil

Winter greens, crispy jamon, dried cherry, smoked cheddar, almonds, edible flowers & a shallot dressing

Salt brine chicken, chorizo, smoke butter, green chimichurri
Soft polenta, rescoldo spring vegetables, labneh, microgreens, whipped ricotta
Cast iron potatoes, garlic butter, onion jam, kale, lemon, garlic oil, parmesan

Olive oil cake, dulce de leech, dark chocolate


Stories were told over candlelight and a nourishing, warm meal was shared by all. It was a true evening of hygge! Thank you to all who attended the dinner and our amazing partners that made this event possible.

Our Partners:
Food by the Fire - Forage Sisters
Table Decor - Hygge Life + Eldvarm
Wine Pairings - Pier 13 Liquor



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