Coziest Sheepskin Chairs

Sheepskin naturally regulates temperature, making it a wonderful material for all seasons, especially winter. We've rounded up the coziest sheepskin chairs from our favorite designers. These designs are high-quality, award-winning pieces made for comfort, functionality and longevity. All of these chairs bring an element of timelessness and hygge to any space. 

Tired Man Chair

The Tired Man Chair is a timeless classic that automatically adds an element of coziness and hygge to any room. Flemming Lassen designed the chair in 1935 for the Copenhagen Cabinetmakers' Guild Competition. Needless to say, he won the competition.

Bear-like with its curved form and voluminous armrests, sitting in this sheepskin chair is, "as warm and safe as a polar bear cub in the arms of its mother in the middle of the ice cap," according to the Danish architect and designer. Complete the set with the matching footstool. The Tired Man Chair is available in a variety of upholstery options. Our favorite is Moonlight sheepskin paired with the smoked oak legs.

Pelican Chair

The Pelican Chair is a very sculptural lounge chair with the utmost comfort. It is ideal as a statement piece in a bedroom corner, reading nook, or formal living room. A design far ahead of its time, this chair was not popularized until 2001 although it was designed by Finn Juhl in 1940! When you sit down, the chair practically gives you a friendly hug. It has a very organic, unique shape, almost like a body meant to hold another body.  

This design showcases Juhl's love of surrealism and how that passion translated to his own designs. The Pelican Chair is available in many upholstery options, although we highly recommend this chair in the limited edition gray Gotland sheepskin upholstery due to the naturally warm feel of sheepskin that further evokes the feeling of being embraced when sitting. It is available with walnut, oak, or black stained legs.  

Knitting Chair

This design has truly withstood the test of time. The Knitting Chair was created in 1951 during the Danish cabinetmaker's golden age. Defined by an exposed triangular construction, this lounge chair is exceedingly comfortable and allows one to sit for hours on end. The distinctive cutouts are perfect for reading or knitting, allowing you to rest your elbows

Designer Kofod-Larsen is known as the "Master of Proportion."  This chair was initially in production for a limited edition, but since then has become a sought after collector's item. 

The Knitting Chair comes in an oak or walnut solid wood frame with various sheepskin upholstery options to choose from, allowing you to customize your coziness.

Stay Lounge Chair

The sheepskin Stay Lounge Chair, from Space Copenhagen, has a sculptural shape that embraces and encourages you to stay awhile. The characteristic shape is almost like a singular continuous pencil stroke wrapping a solid texture. The lounge chair is wonderful for private homes where maintaining a sense of coziness and comfort is essential. Combine the chair with it’s companion, the Stay Ottoman, for optimal relaxation. 

Lamino Chair by Swedse

Made in Sweden, the Lamino Chair can be found in almost every Swedish home. It is a design staple, perfect for a nursery, living room, or bedroom. The high back and thoughtful curves, provide the optimal backrest for resting, lounging, reading or nursing your little one. 

The Lamino Chair is available in a soft, sheepskin upholstery. The wool adds a lovely cushion and regulates your temperature throughout all seasons. Try out the coziness for yourself by visiting our Vail Valley showroom, as this chair is not yet available on our website. 

Little Petra by &Tradition

Although we don’t currently carry this chair, we are eyeing it as a future addition to the showroom. Initially introduced back in 1938, Little Petra won instant praise, winning awards at exhibits in New York and Berlin. It's one of just a few designs by architect Viggo Boesen, who became associated with Denmark's signature design aesthetic in the 1930s called funkis style. 

Named after Boesen's mother-in-law, Little Petra has a petite form and the ability to fit into all kinds of spaces, interiors, and environments. Respecting Boesen's love of natural materials, the legs of the chair have been crafted in oak or walnut. The result is a hygge masterpiece. Stay tuned to see if this lounge chair makes its debut in our showroom!

Butterfly Chair by Cuero 

The Butterfly Chair, and accompanying Footstool, is a design that has been around for decades. This lounge chair fits in casual and luxurious settings, as it is playful while also dignified. The lower price point makes this chair more accessible but you don’t have to sacrifice comfort or high design. 

This classical Argentinian design was originally thought of as a fusion between craftsmanship and industrial production. Upon this discovery, Cuero's Lars Kjerstadius committed ten years of his life to improving its comfort and style.  

The shorn or long-haired sheepskin upholstery is extremely cozy and bound to keep you warm and cozy. The chair is available with a black or chrome frame with sheepskin, canvas or leather seat covers. We enjoy snuggling up in the sheepskin Butterfly Chair to enjoy a cup of coffee or read a book. 

Pacha Lounge Chair 

You know we have a soft spot for the Pacha Collection from GUBI, specifically the Pacha Lounge Chair in boucle. An extremely comfortable design from 1975, the Pacha Lounge Chair is perfect for a TV room, casual entertainment area, or formal living room. There are countless upholstery options, but the boucle material adds another level of cozy. Designer Pierre Paulin said this chair feels like "sitting in the clouds."  It is available either stationary or on a swivel with a black or pearl gold base. Plus, multiple lounge chairs can be connected together to create a cozy sofa! 

Browse our wide-array of sheepskin furniture by visiting our Vail Valley showroom, located between Vail and Beaver Creek ski resorts. We are open Tuesday through Saturday from 10-5pm. If you aren’t able to visit in person, the majority of our favorite Scandinavian designs are available online. We look forward to helping you bring more hygge into your home! 


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