Heading South - Maastricht & Luxembourg

The first stop was Maastricht, 211 km from Amsterdam; an easy start to many nights on the road. Although close to home, Maastricht is a unique city within the Netherlands and full of beautiful sights and new experiences. 

Our first night camping was mostly about testing our pots & pans and enjoying a cozy meal with our animal friends. A simple stew made of vegetable stock, potatoes, broccoli, mushrooms, and carrots. 

If you ask Koen what 'hygge' means to him, he'll probably say FOOD. This boy is happiest when he's cooking and eating. We ended day #2 with a yummy pasta, fresh bread and a cold beer. 

After 2 nights in Maastricht, we headed South towards Luxembourg. A picturesque, clean, well-off country with cheap gas & alcohol, and best of all, the home of a great friend.

Before heading into Luxembourg City, the Hygge Bus took a detour to the stunning Vianden Castle. To get the winter ski-trip feeling again, we took a chairlift up and hiked down to the castle where we even witnessed Knight enthusiasts doing some role-play, complete with the shooting of huge, deafening guns. 

We found a comfortable, family-owned campsite in the hills near Vianden, called Auf Kengert. A lovely home for us and the Hygge Bus for 1 night. 

The next day, once in Luxembourg City, our friend Marija gave a beautiful tour of the city, including, a museum visit, cozy cafe sit, and a homemade dinner by her lovely mother.

The most hygge moment of all: getting caught in the rain together and taking cover. :) Many more hygge moments to come… X

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