Vineyards, baguettes & bubbly - The Champagne Region

Sunshine, rolling hills of vineyards, baguettes, croissants, majestic chateaus, and bubbly… the Champagne region is the land of luxury, filled with pleasures for all senses. We soaked in the sunshine & beautiful views while the Hygge Bus shined against the backdrop of the wide-open blue sky and vast green landscape. 

Since our ol' bus prefers to cruise under 80 km/hr, we follow the easygoing, less-travelled roads and steer clear of the main highways. Although it does take a bit longer to get from place to place, the views are worth it, as is the freedom to stop and smile with the sunflowers.

A trip to the champagne region wouldn't be complete without a chateau visit, including a tasting. We stopped at the lovely Ruffin et Fils chateau and were welcomed by a hospitable Frenchman and tasting glasses for two. After sampling 4 varieties, we each picked our favorite and left happy with 3 bottles, including their classic Brut and Rosé. 

That night we found a small, quiet campsite overlooking the vineyards, with everything we needed within biking distance: a boulangerie, market, and a café with a terrace. We finished the day on a terrace watching the locals while sipping on a refreshing beer.

On our way home, we stopped at the market for dinner supplies and shared a lovely meal from the large 'hygge plate' along with a bottle of wine. 

Happy & satisfied, we fell asleep dreaming of waking up to our table filled with croissants, a baguette, strawberry jam and breakfast bubbly…

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