Hygge at Home for the Holidays

This holiday season may look a little different this year... okay, a whole lot different, but that doesn't mean we can't experience hygge.  Think Christmas movie marathons, elaborate candlelit dinners at home in your coziest loungewear, or game nights with those in your household.

We could all use some good, cozy, joyful feelings right about now, so let's get the holiday season started - hang the lights, fry the latkes and open the wine. Here are some ideas for making the holiday season at home extra special & hyggelig

1. Let Go of Expectations & Embrace this Holiday Season

We keep hoping things will get back to normal so we can gather with our friends and family freely again. We wish we could travel and not feel the restraints that covid has put on our daily lives. Rather than getting lost in what we would have been doing or how we normally celebrate the holidays, clear your mind from all expectations and look at this holiday season as an opportunity for new and unexpected experiences. The more we lose our expectations and embrace the situation for what it is, we are able to see the loveliness in a more intimate holiday season closer to home. How often do we get to spend the holidays at home with our immediate family or roommates without the stress of dragging the family from one event to the other or flying across the country? What festive activities, recipes, traditions have you been neglecting because of a lack of time - maybe this year,  you will have time for these things.



2. More String Lights!

Since many of us are spending more time at home than ever, make sure that your space feels good and is an environment that cultivates hygge moments. If you love Christmas decorations as much as I do, then why not decorate more than ever this year? Get a bigger tree than ever or begin a family tradition of cutting one down in the forest and spread the festive spirit in your neighborhood by stringing lights outside. Make your home feel cozy, warm and inviting, so you enjoy these hygge holiday moments. 


3. Create Hygge Moments

Being home for the holidays may give you and your family more time than you had in previous years to slow down and cultivate hygge moments. Enjoy the slow moments by the fire, home cooked meals, cookie making, and hot cocoa. Get outside and go sledding on a nearby hill, take nightly wintry walks, or tour the neighborhood Christmas lights. Enjoy the hygge moments that will come along with this strange holiday season and create memories that you and your family will remember forever.


4. Thoughtful Gifting 

Even though we can't be together, we can still show our loved ones we're thinking of them with a phone call, zoom session, or by sending a special gift by mail. Make lovely packages to send to your friends and family - even those you don't normally see over the holidays. Everyone could use the joy that comes from finding an unexpected package or card from a friend in their mailbox. 

If you need help with the gifting, take a look at our new Hygge Gift Boxes. We'll do the wrapping & shipping for you, you just need to write the note. :)

5. Get Outside

Even though we can't travel, we still have the opportunity to get outside and spend time in nature. Make a habit out of taking wintry walks as a family and spending more time outside. Build a backyard fire pit and roast marshmallows or take a picnic to your favorite spot by the river. If your local restaurants and cafes have outdoor seating available, dress warmly and sit outside when normally you would opt to sit inside. Scandinavians use the expression 'There's no such thing as bad weather only bad clothes'. Bundle up and get outside!


Embrace this holiday season in all it's 2020 glory. Happy Hygge Holidays!
- Alexandra & Koen


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