Hygge Dinner - A Dinner of Moments

On October 8th & 9th, we hosted two evenings of intimate Hygge Dinners in our showroom in collaboration with The Rose. Both evenings were filled with delicious food, drinks and meaningful connection. We so enjoyed sharing this memorable hygge moment in time with you all!

Our intention behind Hygge Dinners is creating an environment for people to slow down, connect with others and truly experience hygge - to facilitate meaningful moments, good conversation, and contentment. These Hygge Dinners included six courses prepared by The Rose, complete with drink pairings by Ryan of Lost Identity Beverage. The table was set with hygge in mind. Chairs were covered in warm, comfy sheepskins. Danish pillar candles and Alabaster candle holders were lit to create a warm, inviting ambience. Fresh greenery hung above the table with rechargeable Carrie Lamps hanging from wooden rods, installed by Riverbee Floral. 

Hygge Dinner guests arrived and were able to browse the showroom, as well as preview the new sauna while sipping on a welcome cocktail. PS - Sauna Saturday’s starting in the new year! Learn more here.


Once everyone found their seats, we welcomed everyone to the table and asked that they find the match hidden in their menu booklet. With the matches, each guest lit their individual dinner candles placed at each table setting. This communal candle lighting marked the moment and the beginning of a beautiful evening together at the table. 

In case this didn’t get everyone into the mood, we also did a shot to get the conversation flowing. Skal! 

The rest of the evening was an exploration of moments with each course embodying a particular moment in time. The first course took everyone into the forest…

First Course 

The dinner’s first course was called, “The Forest Floor.” Served on a fresh cut of wood to bring the forest to the table, and the dish included locally foraged mushrooms, pine, and eggplant. The first drink pairing of the evening was the Spruce Goose - a fresh, piney cocktail consisting of St. George Terrier Gin, Dolin Blanc Vermouth, and a spruce sprig for garnishing. 

Second Course 

The second course brought us from the forest to the seaside. The “Walking on the Beach” course was a delicious scallop pasta dish with squid ink, saké butter, nori, dukkah, and brie. To compliment the dish, Lost Identity served a Hemingway Daquiri, made of rum, lime, and grapefruit. 

Third Course

For the “Something New'' course, salad bouquets were placed as centerpieces on the table along with dressing and toppings. Guests foraged for their own fresh greens using scissors found on the table. The bouquets were styled by The Rose team in our “Emma Lanterns” from Eldvarm. Fresh salads were paired with a spicy, herbal tequila cocktail.


Fourth Course

After a playful salad, came an engagement of the senses with a comforting visit to Grandma’s House. For the “Visiting Grandma’s House” course, The Rose created a warming Chicken & Dumpling dish with red bird chicken, olathe sweet corn, freemont beans, cognac bone broth and a Werther’s candy cream reminiscent of the bowl of Werther’s always found at Grandma’s house.  The course was paired with a glass of Black Pearl Chenin Blanc 2019 from Paarl, South Africa. 

Fifth Course 

The Fifth course was a celebration of everyday moments called “Coming Home.” Chef Bryan brought everyone to his childhood home for some classic steak and potatoes with Carter Country Beef Tenderloin and San Louis Valley Russet potatoes. Ryan paired this dish with a hearty glass of Paul Dolan Cabernet Sauvignon. 

The conversation was flowing all night, even after a round of musical chairs. It was truly magical to witness the hygge happening around the table and the memories being made. 

Sixth Course 

The dessert course brought us to the present moment with a perfectly baked meringue with ube, vanilla bean, olathe sweet corn and mixed berries. It paired perfectly with a glass of Dr. Loosen sparkling riesling. 

Thank you to all that joined this special hygge table. And thank you to the team who made it possible: The Rose, Lost Identity Beverage, Riverbee Floral, and Paula B Photography. It was such a special evening filled with moments to remember. We hope you take some inspiration from our Hygge Dinner into your Thanksgiving celebrations. Enjoy!

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