10 Ways to Use a Sheepskin

Winter isn't over yet and neither is the presence of hygge in our lives. The cold months may be the high season of hygge but hygge doesn't cease to exist just because the snow stops falling. It is a part of our lives all year long!

The same principle applies to the use of sheepskins; they may seem like a wintry accessory but they can and should be used in all seasons. Did you know that the naturally regulating wool of sheepskins will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer? And did you know that if a sheepskin is naturally colored and un-dyed, like our Hygge Life Collection, you can use them outdoors? If you need some inspiration, enjoy this simple list of ten ways to use sheepskin all year round... 


Laid organically on the floor

Reindeerskin on the floor by fireplace

sheepskin on floor


Draped on a lounge or dining chair

sheepskin on chair

  Sheepskin on chairs 


Placed on a bench

sheepskin on bench


On an outdoor chair in the summer or winter (Alp style)

sheepskin on chair by fire pit



On or Beside your bed for a warm & gentle first step

sheepskin on bed

 Sheepskin beside bed    


On your yoga mat or relaxation nook

sitting on sheepskin


In a hammock or swing chair

outdoor sheepskin in swing chair

Even more ways to use a sheepskin: 

8. In your child's stroller

9. In your camper van

10. Draped on barstools

sheepskins on barstools

Savor these last weeks of winter and look forward to the warm summer days ahead.

Keep the hygge going and take your sheepskin with you!

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