Springtime Hygge

How do you hygge in the springtime, you ask? We have some ideas... 

Just because the snow stops doesn't mean hygge has to go along with it. In Denmark, hygge is a yearlong affair. It is imbedded in the Danish culture and their daily lives. Slowing down and genuinely enjoying a moment alone or with those around you is by no means confined to one season and thank goodness for that. We may drink hot cocoa in one season and cold beers in another, but the hygge moments remain. Here's what hygge looks like during the warmer months...

Picnic Season

The long awaited picnic season is finally arriving! Pull out your favorite textile, the one that gives you the most joy, and head to a nearby park. Don't forget your chilled wine, glasses, baguette and fresh cheese. To add an extra hyggelig touch and brighten up your picnic, bring flowers and set them nearby.  Remember, hygge is not instigated by perfection but by taking time to slow down and make moments truly special. Sharing good food and wine outside in a park or your backyard is a perfect opportunity to share hygge with those you love. 

Cold drinks

Wintertime hygge is personified by cuddling up to a mug of hot cocoa, cups of tea and winter warmers. Spring & Summertime hygge is filled with ice cold beer, chilled wine, champagne and lemonade. Make time to enjoy a refreshing drink on a terrace or make a fruity punch for your next backyard party.

Everyday Biking 

Hop on your bike and leave your car at home. Take the extra time it may take to ride your bike to work, get a bike basket for your weekly grocery runs and cruise to the brewery on Saturday afternoon. After experiencing the everyday bike culture in Amsterdam, I am convinced that the more time on a bike seat the better. Time stops on a bike; it's a necessary break and a sort of meditation. You're breathing fresh air, taking in everything that passes by and relaxing your mind. Biking is hygge.



If you've been holed up this winter, now is the time to get outside and spend time in nature. Take a neighborhood walk to your favorite coffee spot, go on a morning hike with a friend, go camping, cook outdoors and build fires. Being outside helps us to slow down, breathe and remember what's truly important. 


Get your hands into soil and grow some things! There is nothing like using homegrown herbs in your cooking or the joy that comes from watching your flowers bloom. Springtime hygge is enriched by the beauty and nourishment of flora.    

Remember, hygge is not restricted to one time of year or the weather conditions. There are many hygge moments to be had in any season and at any time of day. Happy Spring! 


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