Hygge Dinner at the Church House - Denver, CO

On February 24th & 25th, our long awaited dream came true. We shared a meal with friends, family and strangers at the Hygge table. Along with Silver Spork Social, Chef Kevin Grossi of the Regional, and Jason Snopkoski, a spirit extraordinaire, we hosted Hygge: The Sixth Sense Dinner. Both evenings took place in a space like none other - a stunning church-house Airbnb in Denver, called the Hellena.

We lined the tables with glowing candles, laid naturally crinkled cotton napkins, adorned each chair with a sheepskin and brightened the room with fresh flowers... all with the intention to create a hyggelig atmosphere but at what point did we and our guests actually reach hygge? We answered this question throughout the dinner by exploring the five senses of hygge... how to see, hear, feel, touch, and taste hygge.




Chef Kevin led us through this exploration with his dishes, Jason with his spirits and Koen & I by storytelling. Together, we experienced each tangible sense of hygge, which brought us to the recognition of the sixth sense - an overall feeling of joy, warmth and contentment that is hygge

Hygge dinner table


Hygge Dinner - violin

  Candles - hygge dinner

As we discussed during our interview with Colorado Public Radio on February 9th, "You cannot buy hygge," and it cannot be forced, but by adding hygge to your vocabulary & consciousness, you are more likely to create and pursue hygge moments in your everyday life. We have all experienced hygge and now that we have a word to attribute to this euphoric feeling of comfort & coziness, we can recognize and appreciate these moments and cultivate more of them. 

Hygge holds a special place in our hearts and we are absolutely thrilled to be sharing this experience with all those who join us at the hygge table. Thank you to everyone that attended these beautiful evenings in Denver and shared the hygge experience with us. And thank you to all of the collaborators that made our dream a reality!

The next Hygge dinner dates & locations will be announced in the near future.

We hope to see you at the next hygge table...   

Photos by the sweet & talented Abigail Green

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