Poffertjes Time!

We departed from Ligny le Chatel, slow & steady as always… the Blitz cannot be rushed. Luckily, this easy pace allows for many coffee & cookie breaks whenever we please, mostly with pretty views like this one. 

We continued on our way towards Camping ‘Les Voisins,' owned by Marianne and Henri, a Dutch couple that opened Cafe Restaurant Gambrinus, one of our favorite spots in Amsterdam. Several years later, they moved their family to Montaigu-le-Blin for a new challenge & adventure. Staying true to their hospitality expertise & passion, they bought an old picturesque French farmhouse, situated atop a hill in the pristine Auvergne region. They created a cozy family campground, including a restaurant, bar, hotel rooms, pool, trampoline, a stable for their horses & ponies and a pen for their 2 goats and a pig.  

We were greeted with a warm welcome upon our arrival at Les Voisins… a cup of coffee, smiling faces, nice conversation and a prime spot on the campground, near the restaurant terrace and petanque field. We used the first day to prepare and enjoy. The next day it was showtime!

Before the general store was even set-up, our first customers arrived and many more followed soon thereafter. The kids loved filling up their popcorn bags with all the goodies from the glass jars, including Ring Pops, candy necklaces, Juicy Fruit gum, shark squirters and toy surfers and their parents loved the colorful hammam towels! 

At noon, the poffertjes machine was warm and the batter was mixed; it was finally time for the poffertjes to be baked and enjoyed. We quickly had a queue filled with our most loyal customers! ;) 

As we served all of the warm, friendly families, we were surrounded by smiling faces, children and parents alike. We couldn't wipe the smiles off of our faces either. I captured some of these faces 

This beautiful day came to an end while sharing drinks with the campsite owners and other guests. It was a long evening full of laughs and happy moments.

The hygge life poffertjes stand & general store debut was everything that we had hoped for and more; a living example of the hygge lifestyle. Thank you Camping Les Voisins and all of the families that shared these moments with us! 

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