Along the rivers - the Dordogne region

Late July 2014… 

The drive from the Auvergne region towards the Dordogne took us across the Vogues mountain range, which meant cruising up and down passes reaching up to 1000 meters of altitude. We put the bus through quite the test and burned through some serious fuel, but we made it. The fresh mountain air and lookouts were worth it and the smoked salmon sandwiches hit the spot!

Luckily, we decided to stop in the little town of Correze where they happened to be having a town party in the main square with live music and several stands selling local products. We sat on the church steps and watched the locals enjoy each other's company while indulging in the delicious local bread, meats, cheeses, peaches and wine. 

After a cozy night sleep by the river in Correze, we continued along the Vereze river where we passed by many majestic chateaus and ancient caves. The Dordogne region is full of history dating back to the cavemen. We were intrigued to take a look inside the Losse Chateau where we took a tour and enjoyed the sunny gardens. 

After a day on the road, we settled at a campsite in Lalinde along the Dordogne river. We spent the evening enjoying the view while cooking a delicious meal and later turned the grill into a mini campfire. 

The next day, we rented a double kayak and cruised for 3 hours along the Dordogne. A tour filled with sunshine and beautiful riverside sights. We ended our tour at the picturesque town of Limeuil, a riverside village built on a hill, where we sat down for a local beer to finish the day. 

Koen's parents, Marijke & Hugo, were also on holiday and just so happened to stay at a campsite close-by in Limeuil, so we packed up the bus in Lalinde and joined them. The days that followed were a retreat for Koen and I; days filled with wonderful company & conversation, sightseeing, and many delicious meals. With Koen's parents, we could truly soak in and enjoy the French lifestyle (food, wine & beautiful sights). :) 

That weekend, we strolled the Limeuil pottery festival to see the local artwork. Later, we took the opportunity, while in this ancient region, to visit a mind-blowing cave that has been forming for thousands of years. 

The Dordogne region filled us with all sorts of French goodness, however, there is even more to be enjoyed in the wine region of Bordeaux… 

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