Meet the Maker - Eldvarm

It's been a little while since our last ‘Meet the Maker’ blog but we are excited to relaunch this series with one of our absolute favorite brands - Eldvarm

Eldvarm is a Swedish company founded by Louise Varre. Louise was on the hunt for the perfect fire tools for her own home when she discovered that what she was dreaming of didn't exist. So, she began a venture to make the perfect fire tools herself. She partnered with designer Emma Olbers and created (in our opinion) the most beautiful and practical fire tools and accessories in the world. We had the pleasure of spending time with the lovely Louise earlier this year and we heard the story in her own words... 

Eldvarm is an interior design company born around the fireplace, firmly rooted in Scandinavian tradition and culture.

We love the fire — and all the warm, inspiring emotions associated with relaxing and socializing in the comfort of our homes. We humans have gathered and told our stories around fires since our beginning. In the ever faster pace of our times, our need for moments of warmth, tranquility and togetherness is greater than ever. Our mission is to elevate those precious pauses in life even further through our collection of elegantly designed and crafted objects and accessories.

To us, the selection of our materials and the quality of our craft means everything. We work with ethically sourced, natural materials of the highest quality. Eldvarm's products are crafted by highly skilled professionals in a number of carefully selected production facilities in Europe that share our values of ethics, honesty, sustainability and supreme craftsmanship.

The first time we laid eyes on the Eldvarm collection, we fell in love with its timeless beauty as well as its practicality. Louise's pieces encourage time spent and moments made around the fire, which at Hygge Life we obviously believe in and strongly encourage. We have been carrying Eldvarm products in our shop for a while now but we are super excited to now offer everything online in our webshop! 

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Some of our favorites: 



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