Fall in Love with Moments

The moments that make up our lives can be ordinary, extraordinary or somewhere in-between. All types of moments have their place, but some are more lovable than others. Some moments make us forget all the others and grab our undivided attention - they prove that they are worth falling for. Being fully immersed in moments like these - being present without any feelings of regret, distraction or comparison - is a special occurrence that we all desire. The feeling that comes from these types of moments could also be called hygge - a feeling of contentment, comfort and a sense of ease that fills your mind, body and soul. 


When we fall in love with another human being - we get lost in the attraction, connection and excitement that we feel for the other person - in a similar way, we fall in love with moments. Moments can sweep us off our feet and help us to forget everything else going on in our lives. A lovable moment could be making coffee in your pjs on a cozy Sunday morning, or gathering your favorite people around the dining table for a special dinner or simply watching a fireplace flicker or biking along your daily commute. 


A lovable moment could be a daily, very ordinary occurrence or it may be a special, extraordinary event that only happens once in a lifetime. Either way, if you pay attention to moments - big & small - you may catch yourself falling deeply, madly in love with the present. 

This February, seek moments that make your heart tick and fall in love each day.