A Winter Ready Home

Winter is swiftly approaching. Embrace this new season and welcome winter into your home with these easy styling tips. We’ve put together a guide of seven ways you can welcome winter into your hygge home this year. 

Stock Up On Firewood

Cozy up by the fireplace this winter. Before it gets too cold outside, consider stocking up on firewood. The crackling of the fireplace during a cold, winter evening creates a soothing, warm space. Store your firewood in one of our Uashmama Wood Bags. These multipurpose, wood bags are not only eco-friendly, but also a delightful sight nearby your fireplace.

Light a Candle (or Two)

Stock up on candles leading up to the start of winter. Scandinavians use the most candles per capita in the world, so it’s clear they have mastered the art of lighting by bringing warmth into a place that is riddled with gray days. The glow of firelight creates a hygge ambience, which is even more important during the winter months when you’re spending more time indoors. 

If you are frequently on-the-go during the winter season, add modern candlelight to your home with our Wick Light. Combining the romance of a candle with the utility of a flashlight, the Wick Light fits a broad variety of contexts, from an intimate home gathering to a backyard dinner party, to a warm office setting. Wick is a perfect gift throughout the winter season or for your own enjoyment. It comes equipped with four light dimming options by the simple tap of your finger.

Add Winter Textures

Warm up your home with soft, wooly textiles and sheepskins. Store your light cotton blankets away and bring out the wool and heavy-weighted throws. Place these around your home - in a basket in the living room, on your favorite patio chair and on the end of your bed. This way you are ready for a comforting, warm hygge moment whenever the need arises. 

Winter Fruit Bowl

The kitchen is a wonderful place to gather and make memories during the winter months, especially around the holidays. Bring some color and vibrancy to your kitchen counter by creating a winter fruit bowl with in-season produce, such as apples, clementines, pears and kumquats. It encourages you to indulge in something fresh while soaking in the warmth of your hygge home. 

Branch Arrangements

Fill the Echasse vase with an assortment of dried or fresh branches and display as a decorative element on a mantle or a table centerpiece. Gather some pine or spruce tree branches from your backyard or find some organic berry branches at your local florist and simply place them in your favorite vase. This is an easy and enjoyable way to bring the beauty of winter into your home.

Warm Sheepskins 

The cool weather doesn’t mean you can’t continue to enjoy the outdoors. Browse our European Sheepskin collection to add warmth to your home and outdoor space. Placing a sheepskin or seat pad on your dining chairs and outdoor furniture will make your seating cozier and more comfortable throughout the winter season. Continue to sit outside during these colder months with the added warmth of sheepskins and warm textiles. 

Winter Slippers

A soft pair of slippers is a hygge staple.  Cozy, breathable, and functional with rubber gripped soles, these house slippers are hand-crafted in Lithuania from 100% merino wool. Your morning routine and evening lounge will feel even more relaxing and easy while wearing a comfortable pair of slippers. 

We’d like to include a friendly reminder that our showroom and café will be closing for the off-season on October 15th. We will reopen for the holidays on November 15th. During this time, you will still be able to browse our hygge offerings on our website. Enjoy getting ready for the cozy winter season and we look forward to hearing about your winter home moments in the months ahead.

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