Meet our Brands: Fredericia

This summer we continue on our virtual journey through Scandinavian design. Meet Fredericia, a family owned business started in 1911 with a passion for creating authentic, purposeful, and sustainable designs. Originally named Fredericia Stolefabrik (Fredericia Chair Factory), the business has always been known for their high-quality furniture. 

To know Fredericia, is to know Borge Mogenson. Mogenson was Fredericia’s founding designer from 1955-1972. Mogensen’s design was built of functional wood furniture, to create calm spaces with high-quality and local Nordic materials. Mogensen believed in intentional pieces with limited decoration and experimentation. 

Mogenson was a design pioneer who helped demonstrate Denmark’s culture of sustainability and high quality furniture design. His world-renowned designs include the Spanish Chair and the Mogensen Bench, both available in a variety of leather upholsteries and wood combinations. 


We have a pair of Spanish Lounge Chairs and Spanish Dining Chairs in our showroom, available for you to try in-person. The iconic Spanish Chair has a strong presence, with its solid oak construction and sturdy, high-quality leather. Over time, as the leather expands, the adjustable straps can be tightened. This design feature allows you to sit securely and comfortably from day one – and for the rest of your life. 

One of Mogensen’s most celebrated designs, the Spanish Chair reflects his unique angle on modernity.


The Spanish Chair is also available in a dining chair configuration. The dining chair version melds the look of the lounge chair into a taller, dining-friendly seat, with identical solid oak construction and sturdy, high-quality saddle leather. The Spanish Dining Chair is also available to order with arm rests for additional comfort. 

Mogensen’s 3171 Bench, commonly called the Mogensen Bench, is a refined yet rustic bench that brings function and comfortability to your dining, entryway, or living room space. The perfect proportions allow for maximum lumbar support, hence the option to sit for hours conversing with friends and family. It is available in many leather upholstery options and wood finishes.

As Fredericia moved into the 21st century, the company began its collaboration with Space Copenhagen. Space Copenhagen is a design studio that uses a self-descriptive approach called Poetic Modernism. This is the balancing of opposites in their expansive design of furniture, lighting, and refined objects.

Some of Space Copenhagen’s new and timeless design pieces can be found in our showroom, such as the Sequoia Pouf and the Swoon Lounge Chair. 


The iconic Sequoia tunnel tree was the inspiration for Space Copenhagen’s design of the Sequoia Pouf. In contrast to the gigantic American redwood, the Sequoia Pouf is compact, moveable and versatile. Sequoia features soft contours and a feeling of seamless upholstery, in either flat woven wool, bouclé or fluffy sheepskin. It’s an inventive, multi-purpose design that’s ideal as a stool or a place to put a book, as well as a friendly decorative element.


Another timeless design from Space Copenhagen is the Swoon Lounge Chair. This lounge chair is a piece in the Swoon Series, which was designed to encourage you to lounge in luxury. 

With its continuous curves, lush look and sculptured shape, Swoon echoes Space Copenhagen's desire for you to enjoy life at a slow pace. The singular shell merges the back, seat and armrests into one entity, allowing for exceptional support and a fit that feels natural.

The Swoon Lounge Chair, arguably the most popular design in the Swoon Series, is on display in our Vail Valley showroom and available to order in many upholstery options. At Hygge Life, we curate timeless furniture, lighting, and thoughtful decor, to encourage meaningful moments and the everyday enjoyment of your home. If you’re unable to visit in-person, browse our newly refreshed website for hygge home design inspiration. 

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