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We found the Hygge Bus!

We found the Hygge Bus!

In March, after months of searching for our future Hygge Bus, we finally found it! Our eyes lit up immediately when we stumbled on this ol' 1971 Opel Blitz, while scrolling through Marktplaats (Dutch Craigslist). Vintage, unique, in our price range (cheap), and it obviously had an interesting history… could it be any more hygge? It needed a serious paint job and a bit of maintenance but we decided it would be well worth the effort.

The evolution of the 43 year-old bus was artistically recorded on the driver's side of the caravan, giving us insight into the life of our new summer home and inspiring us to design our own masterpiece.

Bus #1 - 70s Retro

Bus #2 - Red balloons in the Sky

Bus #3 - Ancient Egypt

Luckily, Geert, the previous owner, liked our plan to take the Blitz on a European summer tour, selling poffertjes & spreading hygge vibes, so he was willing to negotiate with us a bit. I left the two Dutch boys to the negotiating... as far as I could tell, they were both happy with the deal. :)

No power steering on this bad boy, but Koen happily accepted the challenge. Overly excited for the adventure to come, we drove the Hygge Bus home...

... and then forced Koen's little brother, Bart, to do a photo-shoot. ;)



More stories on the Hygge Bus transformation to come!