The Coziness of Tradition

Do you have holiday traditions that have surpassed generations? Or are you beginning new traditions with your growing family? Maybe your favorite tradition has been eating tomato soup & grilled cheese every Christmas Eve and playing games late into the evening, or touring Christmas lights in your neighborhood with a cup of hot cocoa. Or maybe you make a Christmas dinner dish that your Great Grandmother passed down.

Traditions, such as these, make the holidays such a special, memorable time each year. The comfort that comes from looking forward to these moments with the people you love is what makes the holidays feel so cozy. 

One of my favorite traditions is waking up on Christmas morning to my mother's freshly baked croissants and lounging in our pajamas all day long. When I was young, we used to drive up to a small mountain town with the entire family each year and take a sleigh ride around the historic snow-covered neighborhood. This year, my Grandmother passed away and our family is transitioning into a new season of life. Some of the traditions will continue and some will fade, which I've learned is a natural process for each family. Now, as we grow and create our own family we are starting new traditions. One of these is counting down in December until Christmas with our Danish advent candle. Another tradition that we plan on continuing is going to see the Nutcracker with all the girls in the family. Do you have any traditions that you are itching to begin or that you already have? 

We encourage you (and we tell ourselves the same) to embrace all the holiday traditions, as cheesy or superfluous as they may seem, because in these moments are where all the coziness & hygge surrounding the holidays lives.

Happy Hygge Holidays!
Alexandra & Koen


Photos by Abigail Green & Alison Vagnini

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