Markets & Beaches - Atlantic Coast Part II

Driving down the Atlantic coast, we continued to stop in each beach town asking for permission to participate in the local markets… We got lucky again in Seignosse, France!

Seignosse Market

The police municipale gave us the go-ahead to sell at the weekly summer market (a much larger and busier market than in Gujan-Mestras) and we were given 3 meters of market space. The limited space meant that the bus couldn't join us this time, but we used our bikes, crates, & tables to create a cozy market stand.

The market was sunny, busy, beachy, and everyone loved the 'mini crêpes,' hammam (beach) towels, toys, and candies! 

Even though we couldn't park the bus behind us, we still found a way to include our ol' blitzy. :)

Hammam towels, mini surfers, shark squirters, ring pops, & more! 

Luckily, just before leaving the market, we met Nicolas, a patisseur specializing in crepes and other French baked treats. As a long-time local, he had established market stands at most markets in the area. We shared our story and without question he gave us tips about the best markets to join, and even offered to help us get stands. We were amazed by his genuine willingness to help and his big smile overflowing with happiness; we were lucky to cross his path. Thanks Nicolas! :)

Labenne Evening Market

We took Nicolas' advice and prepared for the Labenne evening market. Some market stands, like Nicolas' crepe stand, have established spots each week, but new additions are chosen on the day-of by a lottery system. Unfortunately, we weren't chosen in the drawing, BUT the ladies in charge found an extra spot just for us. They must have liked the sound of our 'mini crêpes.' ;) 

The Labenne market was a cozy, string-light lit maze of market stands, mostly with food, clothes, & crafts. We fit right in and met many lovely people that evening. An experience of a lifetime! 


We headed south to Biarritz, the town where our new friend Nicolas recommended the weekly evening market. We enjoyed the city & beaches before the market day arrived and even had time for some surfing. Beautiful beaches, and a town full of hip shops, bars, cafes, & people. One of our favorite stops! 

Biarritz Evening Market

Our batter & stand set-up was prepared but we weren't sure if we would be given a place. We nervously walked around town where the market would soon be set-up, drank a cup of coffee to relax, and kept our fingers crossed… 

Thanks to Nicolas, we spoke with the market coordinator, who at first denied our request, but later, once again thanks to Nicolas, gave us a spot on the market! Happy, happy, happy!

The Biarritz market was the biggest, busiest and most enjoyable market of the hygge bus tour. An experience that we will never forget and a memory that will always put smiles on our faces. 

Our lovely neighbors and the view of the cozy street. 

Next stop, España!

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