My New Book - 'Dwell, Gather, Be'

Today is the day of my book release - what a surreal and exciting day! Writing Dwell, Gather, Be: Design for Moments was a true labor of love. The book took over two years to complete and I could not be happier with the beautiful result. 

The Book Writing Process

About two years ago, I was approached by a handful of publishers to write a book about hygge. With my blog on the topic of hygge and owner of Hygge Life, they assumed that I was fit for this task. The first publisher that contacted me ended up being the one that I went with and I am so glad! Blue Star Press was wonderful to work with and my editor, Alicia Brady was a dream. The entire book writing process took about two years and much more of a challenge than I anticipated. Writer's block is no joke! And once I was in a writing mode, I would try to stay there as long as possible, even if this meant working late into the evening. I didn't want to just write eloquent sentences, I wanted everything that I wrote in this book to be genuine and real and I feel that I have accomplished this. 

I have always enjoyed reflecting on hygge, thoughtful home design, genuine connection and differences in culture - Dwell, Gather, Be is all of this rolled into one. The first section, Dwell, is about how our homes fulfill our basic, everyday needs and how to make these everyday moments more special. The Gather section stresses the importance of connection with others and how to cultivate more of these moments at home. Finally, Be explores how to practice self care at home and find presence of mind to be able to actually enjoy meaningful moments. In each section, there are personal vignettes from my own life and experiences as well as thoughtful, intentional home design tips. 

Summary of Dwell, Gather, Be: Design for Moments

The pages are filled with personal stories and reflections along with practical home design tips and beautiful photos. The main premise of the book explores how thoughtful, intentional home design can cultivate moments you treasure. 

In a world where perfectly designed homes are encountered at every turn, Dwell, Gather, Be goes deeper, exploring how thoughtful, intentional home design can cultivate meaningful moments in your life. Learn to elevate, celebrate, and value the time you spend with the people you hold dear in the space that is uniquely yours.

Dwell, Gather, Be shares inspiration and advice to:
• Design a home to reflect, complement, and enhance your lifestyle
• Create a welcoming environment for family and friends
• Cultivate special moments through timeless design
• Elevate and celebrate a rich, satisfying life


We photographed inside five different homes, all with different styles and feels - a family farmhouse, a cozy mountain home, a Santa Fe abode, a modern home and a shaker inspired city home. In all of these spaces, we wanted the photography to feel real, approachable and full of feeling. 

We knew that Ali Vagnini would be the perfect person for this task! She uses natural lighting and organically captures spaces in a way that they stay true and lived in. The photos that she took bring life to these pages in a way that I didn't think possible. Karen Mitchell's beautiful photos are also featured on these pages. She has a true gift for capturing moments and reflecting genuine feeling in photos. 


Foreword by Meik Wiking

I was completely honored and thrilled when Meik Wiking, the author of The Little Book of Hygge offered to write the Foreword to Dwell, Gather, Be.  

In Meik's words in the Foreword: We need to understand and harness the impact our homes have on our happiness . . . What makes a home a happy one? I think Dwell, Gather, Be is part of the answer.

Thank you!

I hope that Dwell, Gather, Be inspires readers and gives them the tools to thoughtfully design their homes and spaces to cultivate meaningful moments in their lives - moments of rest, nourishment, joy, connection, and self care, among others. I am filled with gratitude for all who were involved in the creation of Dwell, Gather, Be and supported me along the way! Thank you... 

Happy reading! 

Purchase my book, Dwell, Gather, Be: Design for Moments 

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