Get Hygge Ready for Fall

The hygge high season is upon us! The Fall season is here and winter is just around the corner. Here in the mountains of Colorado, the aspen trees are yellow and preparing to drop their leaves, the mornings and evenings are chilly requiring a light jacket, and the urge to start a fire and sip a warm cup of tea is strong. Although hygge moments and feelings occur all year round, they are more apparent during the colder months. 

During the colder months, it can be more natural to create and enjoy cozy moments while you are warm inside and the weather is biting outside. The busy summer days full of activities, vacations and vibrancy are behind and now there are endless opportunities to nest at home, slow down and simplify life a bit. So, how do we best prepare to take full advantage of the hygge high season? Here are some tips from our hygge home to yours. 

Get Hygge Ready for Fall

Fire & Candlelight

Clean your fireplace and stock up on candles! There are few things more hygge than waking up on a chilly morning, putting on a cozy sweater and going to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee or tea. We add to the hygge of this moment by lighting a Breakfast Candle while we sip. Enjoy this moment of peace and calm before the day begins.

Many people have mentioned to us that they have a drawer full of candles that they never burn. The candles they have collected are special to them and they want to savor them. I am guilty of this too but what good is a candle tucked away in a cabinet? Don't store away your hygge but rather let it burn! ;) This same hygge principal goes for your fireplace... use it!  

Sweater Weather

Ahhhh... sweaters. I brought out my sweaters this past weekend and was so excited to see these ol' friends again. Bring out the old favorites and treat yourself to a new knit sweater that gives you joy and hygge feelings every time you slip it over your head. Embrace the sweater season! 

Warm Drinks

Warm drinks and hygge are a natural pair, especially during the fall & winter. Make sure your tea box is filled with your favorite flavors for all times of the day and go to your local farmers market to stock up on honey. Whether you prefer a traditional cup of coffee, a cappuccino, or a strong shot of espresso, create a coffee nook in your kitchen where you have a special and exciting warm drink moment every day. 

Roasted Vegetables

We love to barbecue in the summer and roast in the fall & winter. We throw all of the hearty root vegetables and potatoes into the oven - beets, parsnips, celery egg, carrots and onions - drizzle them with olive oil, salt, pepper and occasionally a bit of honey and let them roast. What comes out of the oven an hour later is a heavenly Fall treat. The Fall kitchen is made for roasting, baking and blending seasonal soups. Get cooking and invite friends to gather around your table. 

Soft & Warm Textures

Couch time tends to increase as the weather gets cooler. The evenings are too cool to spend outdoors, so it's nice to cozy up inside. Make your living room an extra cozy place to be. Place a basket of blankets near your couch to pull out while reading or watching a movie. We have a soft sheepskin draped on our couch - this spot is always the first to be filled by us and our guests. 


Fall Activities

During the Fall, there are so many fun activities and events to partake in - Oktoberfests, apple picking, corn mazes, the final days of farmers markets and trick or treating. Gather a group of friends and participate in some of these cozy, hyggelig events. Don't forget your favorite sweater and thermos of tea! 

If you live in a place with a change of seasons, enjoy the Fall colors, chilly days and the hygge moments that come along with this beautiful season.


Our Fall Favorites: 

The Breakfast Candle - for your morning moments
The Hygge Mug - for all the warm drinks
Natuur Blanket - for snuggling
Sheepskin - for the coziest spot on the couch
Outdoor Candle - for some front door or patio hygge
Clay Soup Bowl - for all the Fall soups
Sweater Juul - for the hygge feeling


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