Fireplace Companion Set - Classic


Handcrafted from dark warm gray powder-coated steel, walnut wood, horse hair, and solid brass details, this fireplace set includes a stylish blow poker, brush, shovel, and tongs. Each tool has its own function, but is part of a coherent fire tool set that is a pleasure to use, looks stunning next to any fireplace, and can be enjoyed for generations. 

Functional and beautiful, this is the ultimate set of fire tools. Available in a variety of luxurious color finishes. Designed in Sweden by Emma Olbers for Eldvarm

  • Blow poker: Can be used not only to poke and manage the fire, but also in place of a bellow. Simply blow into the brass mouthpiece at the end to get the fire going.
  • Brush: Our special blend for the brush contains horse hair and tampico (the root of the agave cactus), a durable blend to clean your fireplace.
  • Shovel: Blade is deep enough to easily empty ashes without spilling on the floor.
  • Tongs: Easy to use with only one hand so that you can hold the screen with the other. This is available with or without leather handles. This particular set has leather.

Dimensions (in.): 9" L x 8" W x 29" H

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