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Alabaster Stone Candleholders - Oval

 For the ultimate hygge glow...

These beautifully designed oval alabaster candleholders radiate a warm, white glow at any time of day with a single tea-light candle. A naturally rustic, yet minimal accessory for your home. Handmade in Egypt. Product of Sirocco Living.  

Dimensions & Pricing -

Medium: 20x13 cm  -  7.9x5.1 in

Large: 24x19 cm  -  9.5x7.5 in

Please note: Only use one tea-light per candleholder. Base of candleholder may become hot when candle is lit; ensure that surface underneath candleholder is protected and take care when handling.


The work with the alabaster stone origins from the pharaonic era of Egypt. The alabaster stone exists in different shades of white and beige and in different densities of stone crystals. The alabaster mountains are in the Luxor area and so are most of the work-shops. All the work is done by hand and the process goes through many steps. In order for the fine crystals in the stone not to break, the cutting must be done gradually over days. In the night the stone is left wrapped in cotton with glue and each day a layer of the stone is cut off until the final shape is achieved. - Sirocco Living


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