Sirocco Living

Alabaster Candleholders - Oval


Hand-carved alabaster stone candleholders in an oval form, radiate a warm, graceful glow at any time of day via a single tea-light. Rich with earthy minerals, these stone candleholders may slightly vary in color hue, size, and texture. Handmade by Egyptian Artisans and designed in Denmark. Product of Sirocco Living.

    Approximate dimensions (in.):

    Medium: 8" H x 6" W
    Large: 10" H x 8" W

    Also see the alabaster candleholders: Curra, Curra mini, Cylinder & Cylinder mini.

    Care: Use one single tea-light per candleholder. Base of candleholder may be hot ensure surface underneath is clear and dry, or use a coaster. Transport with care by supporting bottom of candleholder  do not grab by the lip.

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