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Alabaster Stone Candleholders


Hand-carved alabaster stone candleholders in a delightful cylinder form, radiate a warm, graceful glow at any time of da via a single tea-light. Rich with earthy minerals, these stone candleholders may slightly vary in color hue, size, and texture. Some candleholders bear gray-brown sand stripes, which are remnants of the great sandstorms roaming the ancient Egyptian oasis. Handmade by Egyptian Artisans and designed in Denmark. Product of Sirocco Living.

    Choose from a variety of sizes to make a unique centerpiece or line up on a window sill for an inviting luminesce.

    Approximate dimensions (in.):

    Small: 6" H x 2½" W 
    Medium: 8" H x 3½" W
    Large: 10" H x 4½" W


    See other alabaster candleholders: Curra, Curra mini, Oval & Cylinder mini.


    Care: Use one single tea-light per candleholder. Base of candleholder may be hot ensure surface underneath is clear and dry, or use a coaster. Transport with care by supporting bottom of candleholder do not grab by the lip. 



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