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Hygge (pronounced hoo-ga) is the Danish art of creating joy & coziness in life's everyday moments, whatever the season or time of day.


Hygge: the Danish way of life

At Hygge Life, founders & companions, Alexandra Gove and Koen van Renswoude, have been on their own hygge journey for the past few years. The concept was non-existent to them before crossing paths with the Danish culture in 2013 when they began to explore what hygge could really mean. It’s an adjective (hyggelig) and a feeling, but also a way to live life- pursuing only the things and people that make you really appreciate the moments that make up your life.

Alexandra and Koen created Hygge Life, an online shop of European home décor inspired by hygge moments, to help their community find home décor items that inspire them to adopt the Danish way of living well: the hygge life.

Hygge is not about having a perfect home. It is about finding home décor and creating a space that speaks to you personally. We invite you to look around the shop and choose items that trigger joy and a sense of wellbeing. For you, that might be the glowing snow-white alabaster stone candleholders or it could be a soft and comfy chevron throw. Even bathrooms can be turned into hygge spaces with thoughtful accents like the diamond Turkish Towels. The multi-functional and beautiful blankets, towels and hand towels are hand-loomed by Turkish artisans for the Hygge Life collection. If you are a shop owner, please contact us for Hygge Life Turkish Towels wholesale opportunities.

Another integral part of hygge is surrounding yourself with nature and bringing the outside into your home. The Hygge Life collection of European sheepskin and deerskin rugs and antlers will give your home a rustic, natural, yet modern feel typical in Scandinavian design. All of the deerskin and sheepskin rugs are made in an eco-friendly manner. The hides are not dyed or bleached and the animals were raised for food, not for their fur. The sheepskin rugs are free from the harsh chemicals commonly used in the tanning process. Due to these natural, ethical practices, our sheepskin and deerskin rugs are completely unique in color, fur texture and size. Candles are fundamental to practicing hygge. To find candles of the highest quality, Alexandra travelled to Denmark to meet artisanal candle-makers. The Hygge Life pillar candles are hand-poured, unscented and specifically made to burn slowly, and glow beautifully from within. For the ultimate hygge glow incorporate pillar candles or the salt rock and alabaster candle-lamps into your hygge home décor.

Please enjoy shopping the Hygge Life collection; we hope you find special hygge décor pieces for your home; products that speak to you, inspire you and give you joy. For more information about the Hygge philosophy or any of our products, please call us at 303-725-0431 or send us an email to info@hyggelife.com. We love sharing our joy of living the Hygge Life with others and creating cozy spaces with hygge décor, so feel free to contact us if you are interested in hearing more or if you have any collaboration ideas.