Hygge Dinner at The Rose

The Hygge Table has made its debut in the Vail Valley... 

On Sunday, March 18th, it was time to set the Hygge Table once again. It had been a couple of months since the previous Hygge Dinner, so we couldn’t have been more excited to gather around the table again. We were honored to partner with The Rose, a locally owned and operated restaurant in Edwards, Colorado. The owners, Jessica and Bryan Redniss, have created a local’s favorite and what we believe is the coziest restaurant in the valley. They recently expanded the restaurant, doubling the overall size but they managed to maintain the intimate, warm character of the space. The Rose is a very cozy (and hygge) place by nature so it was the perfect fit for our first Hygge Dinner in the Vail Valley. Bryan, the foodie brain behind the Rose, is an extremely talented and creative chef, so we knew the guests would surely enjoy the food along with the warm & comfortable space. Not to mention, the just as creative bartenders, talented musicians, and the beautiful hygge décor… we were destined for a very special evening. Plus it just so happened to be snowing outside - all of the ingredients for a perfect hygge dinner.


The table was limited to 28 seats, which created an intimate environment for everyone around the table. Hopefully not too tight of a squeeze! ;) It was wonderful to see people walk in as strangers, and after sharing the dinner table with one another, leave as friends. We couldn’t have asked for a better group of guests - the dynamic at the table was simply special, warm and friendly all night. There was a sparkle at the table (not just from the candlelight).

As always, the collaborations behind these dinners are what makes them truly special and hygge. It’s amazing to see what is possible when a community comes together to create something. Vintage Magnolia, a local flower shop across the street, supplied all of the beautiful flower arrangements and magical greenery, including luscious strands of jasmine vines. The dining table was stunning with the greenery garland winding down the center of the table and surrounding the glowing candles.

The black linen napkins doubled as menus with the 5 courses delicately handwritten on them by Camille of Handsome Love Calligraphy. It was a funny scene to see everyone pulling their napkins from their laps between courses to read what was coming next.

Camille also made an elegant, draping muslin banner that was hung at the head of the table with this handwritten message:

A Hygge Dinner
“Hygge (hoo-ga) is a feeling of joy, coziness and overall contentment that comes from life’s special moments - moments big or small, alone or with others, ordinary or extraordinary. Let’s gather around the table to dine, drink, laugh
and find hygge together.”

As everyone arrived, local musicians - Billy Mickler and Laura Miller performed, which luckily continued for the remainder of the evening. Billy is a very talented guitar player and Laura perfectly accompanied him with her beautiful voice. They were lovely! 

After a welcome drink and bite in the bar, we invited everyone to the dinner table. As an extra surprise and a ceremonial opening to the hygge dinner, we placed little origami paper tents set at each place setting with a match inside each tent. As everyone found a seat at the table, many noticed that only a few candles on the table were lit. There were many unlit, as there was a candle for each person at the table, 28 to be exact. We asked everyone to look inside the paper tents to find a match. Then, as a group, everyone ignited their matches and lit the remaining candles on the table. This was a truly special moment and the perfect way to begin an evening of connection around the dinner table.  

With all of the candles lit and following an amuse and communal shot, it was time to indulge in the six courses that Chef Bryan had prepared! He used all locally sourced ingredients from nearby farms, including microgreens from Knapp Ranch, pork from Colorado Meat Company and a striped bass from Colorado Catch. The menu included a fresh beet and goat cheese salad, a pappardelle squid ink pasta, a course meant to eat with your hands called the Pizza, Taco, Ice Cream Disorder (PTID), a poké bowl and to top it all off – a family feast with several different preparations of a nose to tail Colorado pork and roasted vegetables. With each course came a perfectly paired cocktail, beer or glass of wine. The meal was divine! 

It was fun to hear chef Bryan share his vision of each course… you’re probably wondering what the Pizza, Taco, Ice Cream Disorder was all about. As Bryan presented this course, he explained to the table that his most hygge food is actually pretty simple… It’s pizza, tacos and ice-cream, which you ideally all eat with your hands. He made this fun dish way more sophisticated than expected with a beautiful presentation of a a palisade pepper crostini, a mini lamb cheek taco and a mini waffle cone filled with foie gras mousse. All three bites were presented to each guest without cutlery. The bar paired this course with the perfect drink for this casual yet sophisticated course, an ice-cold beer! 


We could easily write another two pages on the amazing food and drinks, as well as the truly special feeling around the table, but we will stop and let the amazing photos speak for themselves. Enjoy these moments captured by the talented Karen of Fortitude & Finn.

We’re pretty sure that many guests found hygge that night, and we hope they took it home with them to create warm moments like this once again.

Until our next blog,



Venue, Food & Drinks: The Rose (Bryan, Jessica, Leslie & Ryan)

Décor, styling & hosts: Koen & Alexandra of Hygge Life

Flowers & Greenery: Caitlin of Vintage Magnolia 

Calligraphy: Camille of Handsome Love Calligraphy

Photography: Karen of Fortitude & Finn

Musicians: Billy & Laura of Mickler & Miller 

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