Povl Kjer

Wooden Rocking Sheep - White


This handmade Danish Rocking Sheep is enjoyed by children and adults alike and is bound to become a family heirloom. Beautiful enough to sit in the living room or as a fun accessory in a child's room. The Rocking Sheep is well built and can be enjoyed by children of all ages & sizes. 

Handcrafted in Denmark since 1981 with a timeless design by Povl Kjer. Pine wooden frame, upholstered with natural lambskin. The 'ears' are used as handlebars. 

The White Rocking Sheep is available in a more dense, shorter merino wool or longhaired Icelandic wool. 

Approx. dimensions (ft. and in.):

3' L x 10" W and 2' H
Seating 16" from the ground

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