Vasarly Blanket - Light Gray


A fun design, this blanket is reversible, and its pattern switches colors from inside to out when flipped back and forth. It features an ombré design that is beautifully eye-catching both when neatly folded and spread out. It is the epitome of warmth and comfort made from mostly all natural alpaca wool. 

Available in two colors, Dark Gray or Light Gray.

Belgium, with its rich soil and mild North Sea climate, is ideally suited for growing flax and operating weaving mills, most of which were founded as far back as the 19th century. The historically rooted and skillful artistry of flax harvesting, fiber spinning, and weaving is passed down for generations.

Alpaca Wool - 86% 
Cotton - 24%
Polyamide - 8%

Dimensions (in.): 78" x 58" 

Care: Dry clean only is recommended. 

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