Utopia & Utility

Stacking Vessel - Butterfly, Black Raku


Glass blowers, carpenters, ceramicists and metal spinners across Europe have come together to form these gorgeous decorative objects. A U&u product travels through many hands before it reaches its final destination. Created entirely of natural materials, the glass is sourced from England and Czech Republic, ceramic from Germany, Austria and Scotland, wood from Finland and Germany, metal from England, stone from Finland and paper from Germany. 

Designer Pia Wüstenberg founded the U&u studio in 2012 with craftsmanship in mind. The stacking vessels and other collectibles have since been featured in prestigious boutiques, design exhibitions, museums and other reputable places such as the infamous no. 10 Downing Street. 

 Available in many sizes. Designed in Finland, hand-made throughout Europe. 

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