Natures Collection

Sheepskin Runner - 2' x 6'


Sheepskins are a luxurious Scandinavian accessory acclaimed for their ability to bring hygge into any space. This large sheepskin runner is made from two merino wool sheepskins and is best placed at the end of a bed, on a bench, or as a sofa banquette. Wool is a natural temperature regulator with an amazing ability to provide a refreshing cool comfort in the summer, as well as a warm coziness in the winter. Designed in Denmark by Natures Collection

Approximate dimensions (ft.): 2' W x 6' L  

Also see sheepskin rugs sizes in: 4x6, 5.5x6& 7x6.

Depending on availability, this product will ship within 1-4 weeks from order date. 

Sustainability: Cozy and comforting, our European hides are uniquely made in an eco-friendly and responsible manner. Byproducts of the meat industry, the sheep are raised for the sole purpose of food rather than hide harvesting.

Care: Comb and shake out sheepskin to revive & detangle. Spot clean with damp cloth. Dry clean only. Do not expose colored sheepskins to direct sunlight or other strong lights as colors may fade. 


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