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Salt Rock Candleholders

For the ultimate hygge glow...

These beautifully designed salt rock candleholders radiate a warm, golden glow at any time of day with a single tea-light candle. A naturally rustic, yet minimal accessory for your home. Product of Sirocco Living.

Dimensions -

Extra Small: 6,5x8cm - 2.6x2.4"

Small: 12x7cm - 4.7x2.8"

Medium: 16x9cm - 6.3x3.5"

Large: 22x13cm - 8.7x5.1"


Compressed through thousands of years in the underground around the oasis of Siwa, Egypt is a dense layer of salt. From great blocks of this salt the artisan is able to carve shapes and form beautiful pieces. Visible in the salt is stripes of grey-brown sand, these stripes are remnants of the great sandstorms roaming the area throughout the years. The light filtered through the salt crystals is an amazingly soft and pleasant light. - Sirocco Living


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