Pacha Sofa, 2-Seater

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An addition to the original Pacha Lounge Chair, the Pacha Sofa equals three times the coziness! With countless upholstery options, there is room for creativity with this design. It is available with or without armrests, and with the option of no armrests, armrests only on the outside, or armrests on the outside and throughout the middle. The sofa comes in either a 2, 3 or 4-seater with a pearl gold or black base.  

Designer Pierre Paulin said the Pacha collection felt like "sitting in the clouds."    

2-seater without armrests: 60.5" L x 33.5" W x 25.5" H (in.)
2-seater with armrests: 69" L x 33.5" W x 25.5" H (in.)

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