Hunting Lounge Chair

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The Hunting Lounge Chair is one of Børge Mogensen's most eye-catching designs. What is most notable about this chair is the sharp diagonal slope from the edge of the front seat, which hovers just above the ground. Overall, the look of the chair was inspired by Spanish Andalusian furniture of the medieval age, similarly to the Spanish Chair. The result is a surprisingly comfortable chair which automatically adjusts to your body weight. 

This lounge chair is the earliest example of a Børge Mogensen design with a solid wood framework, designed in 1950. It is also the first design in which he used a buckle closure to secure the leather as it gains patina. 

Also see the Spanish Lounge Chair.

Chair: 28" L x 34" W x 26" H (in.)
Seat: 11" H (in.)

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