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Floor Rug - Rune

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A reversible rug, the Rune has an understated luxury to it. Its tight weave reveals a diamond pattern as a result of the meticulous weaving process used to create it. Of all Fabula's tightly woven rugs, the Rune has the least amount of movement and will remain neutral in any space, making it extremely versatile. Designed by Jens Landberg Schrøder, this rug is a hand-woven New Zealand wool on cotton warp. 

Custom sizing is available for this rug. Please select "Special Order" above if you would like to request a size different than the pre-set options. 

    170x240 (cm.) | 5.5'x8' (ft.)
    200x300 (cm.) | 6.5'x10' (ft.)
    250x300 (cm.) | 8'x11.5' (ft.)

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