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Floor Rug - Loke

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A modern piled rug, the Loke is shiny with an intense two-toned shimmer, but still appears uni-colored. Designed by Jens Landberg Schrøder, this rug is a hand-loom pile in New Zealand wool on cotton warp. The loops are cut using a shaving technique which softens the surface and enhances the colors. We believe this rug is great for under a dining table or in a living space. 

Custom sizing is available for this rug. Please select "Special Order" above if you would like to request a size different than the pre-set options. 

    170x240 (cm.) | 5.5'x8' (ft.)
    200x300 (cm.) | 6.5'x10' (ft.)
    250x350 (cm.) | 8'x11.5' (ft.)

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