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Floor Rug - Fenris

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Made to order

A slightly rustic design, this rug is able to compliment other natural materials in a home very nicely. Designed by Jens Landberg Schrøder, this rug is a hand-woven New Zealand wool on cotton warp. The Fenris provides movement in any space, without distracting the eye too much from other pieces in the space. 

Custom sizing is available for this rug. Please select "Made to Order" above if you would like to request a size different than the pre-set options. 

    170x240 (cm.) | 5.5'x8' (ft.)
    200x300 (cm.) | 6.5'x10' (ft.)
    250x350 (cm.) | 8'x11.5' (ft.)

    Off White / Gray
    Gray / Midnight Blue
    Black / Nature
    Off White / Nature

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