101 Copenhagen

Ceramic Object - Sphere Bubl, Large


The Large Sphere Bubl is inspired by ancient Chinese vases, while the collection's signature look incorporates earth tones and geometric contrast via smooth silhouettes and sharp edges. 

The 101 Copenhagen ceramics collection is filled with timeless, organic shapes and designed in Denmark with a passion for natural materials and refined textures combined with an organic, calm color scheme and wabi-sabi in mind. Each object is handmade and hand-glazed, creating a uniquely textured surface that catches light and becomes an artistic statement piece in any space.


Dimensions (in.): 12.6" L x 5.5" W x 17" H

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Please note: Objects are not waterproof. Decorative sculptural objects may stand alone or hold dried stems and florals. Hand-glazed natural ceramic may vary in color.


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