Camel Throw - All Colors


Luxuriously durable and warm throw blanket, crafted from precious Bactrian camel fiber from the Gobi Desert, is cozy, breathable, and moisture-resistant, and therefore especially suitable for all outdoor activities. Created by Hangai Mountain Textiles in Mongolia, these exquisite camel throws in a geometrical bauhaus design are perfect for indoor lounging or snowy outdoor excursions. 

Approximate dimensions (in.): 51" x 69"
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HANGAI MOUNTAIN TEXTILES is a family-owned business in Basalt, Colorado. The unique textiles are knit and woven exclusively in Mongolia from hand-combed natural fibers, ensuring that the value-added production remains in-country for the herder families, knitters, and weavers, with whom the creators partner and share values that embrace fair-trade, sustainability, local empowerment, and traceability.

Machine wash on short, cold, delicate cycle, one item at a time, with a light detergent. Do not overload as friction may cause pilling. Optional: Add a few drops of natural hair conditioner in rinse cycle. Dry flat or and steam, if needed. Fold and store in a breathable bag with lavender or other herbal sachets as a natural moth repellant.


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