Butterfly Chair, Long Sheepskin - White

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The Butterfly Chair and accompanying Footstool are the definition of a timeless heirloom piece. A design that has been around for decades, this lounge chair may fit in casual and luxurious settings, playful while also dignified. Plus, adults and children alike find it to be of utmost comfortability, a chair you could sit in for hours on end! 

The Butterfly Chair, a classical Argentinian design, was originally thought of as a fusion between craftsmanship and industrial production. Upon this discovery, Cuero's Lars Kjerstadius committed ten years of his life to improving its comfort and style.  

The long white sheepskin upholstery is extremely cozy and bound to keep its sitter warm. Because it is natural sheepskin, it will contain natural coloring ranging from pure white to more cream colored fur. 

Also see the Butterfly Chair in Shorn White Sheepskin or Long Brown Sheepskin.

Chair: 34" L x 34" W x 36" H (in.)
Footstool: 19" L x 19" W x 18.5" H (in.)

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