Fort Standard

Brass Candleholder - Dome



These modernly stylish candleholders stand tall for any occasion filling the air with hygge, an elegant ambience, and good conversation. Crafted from quality solid brass, these candleholders are classy and sturdy. Arrange in a classic pair or mix and match for a unique assortment. Product of FS Objects.

Approximate dimensions (in.):

Short: 2½" D x 12½" H
Tall: 2½" D x 18" H

Material: Solid Brass
Fits one standard taper candle

Complete the look with a taper candle: Colorful, NordicNeutral & Royal Copenhagen.

Also see the Brass Candleholder: Cone.

Need design inspiration? Read our blog post: Set the Hygge Table - How to Host Meaningful Gatherings.

Care: Gently polish by hand. Do not clean with scratchy sponges.

* Candle sold separately.


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