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Christmas Countdown Candle

A unique Danish holiday tradition that is fun for the entire family! Countdown to Christmas by burning this pillar candle once each day in December until you wake up on Christmas morning. Perfect for starting a new tradition with your family or for a unique holiday gift.

Hand-poured in Denmark using traditional Danish candle-making methods and recipes. The countdown candle is available with black numbers or gold numbers. We love featuring these in a festive Christmas window display or on a mantle above the fireplace.

Burning Time & Dimensions: 2" x 11.5" inches - approx. 90 burning hours 

Don't forget the candle holder! Shop the Christmas Countdown Candle Holder to complete the look.

Still want to use your Christmas candle holder but the holiday season is over? We now have a Candle without numbers to use in your holder!

Candle w/o numbers: Dimensions: 2" D x 10" H and 74 burning hours. 

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