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Sheepskin Rental

Are you an event planner? Or setting the stage for your own party? Now you can finally rent a flock of sheepskin! 

Hygge Life has curated a selection of 60 sheepskin, varying in three color-types: all-white, brown, and multicolor. Since all furs are naturally colored (meaning no bleach or coloring is used in the tanning process), not one is exactly the same. The same occurs for their sizes, but this natural variation provides an authentic and rustic feel, something we love, and that cannot be reproduced artificially.


  • Any mix and match of any colors is possible.
  • Rental price includes standard 48 hours of use.
  • Prices exclude delivery or pick up. Quote for delivery available on request.
  • Prices include tax.
  • Pick up possible in Denver.
  • Terms and Conditions apply.