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Reindeer Hide Rug


Serving as a celebrated cultural icon and a survival resource in Scandinavia, reindeer symbolize a harmonious life between wildlife and humans. These reindeer hide rugs provide warmth and gorgeous color tones to any floor in need of some hygge. There is an ancient saying between the Scandinavians and the reindeer - they would take care of each other forever. 

Approximate dimensions (ft.): 4'-5' L x 2.5'-3' W

We recommend placing the rug in a low foot traffic area due its potential to shed over time if tampered with.

Please note: Picture is a representation of the Reindeer collection, exact hide rug is not for purchase. Size, texture, and color hues may vary per hide. In the checkout notes section, please inform us of special requests, such as shape, size or color.

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Sustainability: Cozy and comforting, our European hides are uniquely made in an eco-friendly and responsible manner. Byproducts of the meat industry, the reindeer are raised for the sole purpose of food and income rather than hide harvesting. The hides are free of many harmful dyes, bleaches and chemicals typically used in the tanning process. Because of these natural practices, each hide is unique in its coloring, size, and fur structure. Just like us, no two sheep are the same.

Care: Comb and shake out reindeer hide to revive & detangle. In case of stain, spot clean fur with warm water and a mild soap. Do not machine wash or submerge. Do not spray with air freshener or perfume. Do not expose underside skin to water. Dry clean only.


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