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Firestarter Kit

Inspired by Alaskan whalers from the 18th century, the Fire Starter provides a revolutionary way to light your fire without kindling or newspaper.

The porous ceramic stone absorbs lamp oil in the steel vessel. Once lit, it produces a generous flame for 15-20 minutes, allowing large logs to catch fire.

Comes with a fixed hook-handle & ring for both open and closed fires. Constructed from blackened and waxed steel and ceramic stone.

  • Quick and easy
  • 100% success rate
  • Economical alternative to kindling
  • No preparation needed
  • No mess

Lamp oil not included with the firestarter, but you can buy it at any local hardware store. 

Made in New Zealand by George & Willy. 


Link to instructional video: Firestarter Kit

  • Allow firestone to soak in oil for 30 minutes
  • Remove from vessel and lightly roll in ashes of fireplace
  • Rest firestone in fireplace and ignite with match
  • Cover with seasoned firewood
  • Remover firestone after 15-20 minutes when firewood has ignited
  • Allow firestone to cool on hearth
  • Once cooled return to vessel until next use

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