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Salt Rock Candleholders

Unique, hand-carved salt rock candle holders in a cylindrical form. These natural rock pieces radiate a warm, golden glow at any time of day with a single tea-light candle. Create a feeling of hygge by lighting a collection of these decorative candle holders that are perfect for a centerpiece at the dining room table or an inviting glow in your window. Choose from a variety of sizes, or purchase multiple to mix and match your own candle arrangement. Made by Egyptian Artisans and designed in Denmark. Product of Sirocco Living.

Some candle holders have a visible stripe of grey-brown sand, these are remnants of the great sandstorms roaming the Egyptian oasis years ago. 

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Dimensions - approximately 

  • Small: 4.7x2.8"
  • Medium: 6.3x3.5"
  • Large: 8.7x5.1" 

Please note: Only use one tea-light per candle holder. Base of candle holder may become hot when candle is lit; ensure that surface underneath candle holder is protected and take care when handling. As these are natural products, they vary in color and texture. Do not get the candle holders wet as naturally, the salt will disintegrate.  

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