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Mini Washable Paper Bag - All Colors

The Mini Uashmama washable paper bag is sweet and functional. Use it for small plants or succulents, cosmetics, crayons, pretzels, salt & pepper or any of your little organizing needs.  

Uashmama is a family owned business based in Tuscany. The paper bags are made in Italy using traditional artisan methods. Beautiful and functional - use them in your home, office, kids room, kitchen, or to organize anything you like!

  • More sizes available - See all sizes
  • Made using a sustainable cellulose fibre through cultivation and not deforestation
  • They are soft but resilient, can be washed like fabric, ironed and flattened completely for storage purposes. 
  • Feels like leather but washes with ease
  • The bags are designed to be rolled so you can alter the height to suit the contents.


Mini Dimensions: 2x2 inches (W) x  4.5 inches (H)

All sizes are measured unrolled.


Unroll bag and wash in warm water with a mild soap, then rinse thoroughly and dry flat. Hand wash only, do not machine wash, do not dry clean.

If you're using your UASHMAMA bag for herbs, plants or flowers, be sure to use a small pot, vase or container. Do not pot directly into the bag. The bag is not waterproof, water will not damage the bags but they will leak so remember to use a plant tray. Some of our customers have recommended shower caps as liners.


Colors are organized in order, left to right, front to back. 

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